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Graphics Post: Wallpapers, Signatures, and Headers (Part 1-3)

Okay, for the first time ever, I'm going to post some my very first attempts at making Signatures, Wallpapers, and Headers on my LiveJournal. I wasn't particularly sure if I should, I was pretty hestiant to post my Icons in the beginning before I got over it. Anyways, All the Graphics that do not harbor the name "Dream the Dreams" or "Appreciation [Thread]" are for use. DO NOT HOTLINK any of the images on the lj. CREDIT ME[info]weber_dubois22, when and if you decide to take them and use them for your LJ, personal use, or a forum you happen to commune on.

[Part 1]: Signatures
[1-3]: Cloverfield Cast (Jessica Lucas, Mike Vogel)
[4-5] Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
[6-8] The Thing, Resident Evil (Trilogy)
[9] Silent Hill Homecoming
[10] Medium
[11-12] 28 Weeks Later & 30 Days of Night
[13] Josh Hartnett B-Day Signature

[Part 2]: Headers+Wallpapers+Profile Code Headers]
[1-2] Kurt Russell
[3-4] Medium
[5-7] Milla Jovovich (Wallpaper Variations)
[8-9] Jane Fonda (Wallpaper Varations)
[10-13] Profile Code Headers

[Part 3]: Appreciation Thread Headers (for
[1-3] Patricia Arquette (Variations)
[4] Kurt Russell
[5] Medium (Joe and Allison Dubois) 

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